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Frequent questions
Solve your doubts about SIMA ROBOT
¿What is SIMA Robot?

It is an educational social robot, capable of interacting naturally with its users, through voice, gestures and movements to develop educational activities, based on the stages of cognitive development of preschoolers and first cycle of basic education.

SIMA Robot is composed of a robotic body that, together with a Smartphone, through an application, make up a completely interactive robot to play and learn.

The educational activities of SIMA Robot are designed for use both in kindergartens and privately at home; and that they are managed by the robot software and can be expanded or updated in a simple way.

The main innovative element is that we integrate the capacity for social interaction with educational robots in an accessible way. For this we make use of all the technological resources that the telephone gives us to empathize through facial expressions and gestures.

What is a social robot?

A social robot is one that interacts and communicates with its users in a simple and pleasant way, following social behaviors, patterns and norms. For that, in addition to having a humanoid appearance, he must possess skills that place him within the domain of the so-called social intelligence.

Why is SIMA Robot an excellent resource for learning?

SIMA Robot goes beyond existing robots as an alternative for teaching, because in addition to being programmable, it is social; This implies that it has simple and pleasant interaction qualities for smaller users who do not yet master the skills of computer code programming.

Among the social capabilities, he has the ability to respond by voice, express emotions and facial gestures, contextual recognition of language, recognition of visual patterns and physical movement of his anthropomorphic bipedal robot limbs.

Additionally, it has the same possibilities of use and interaction as a programmable robot, which guarantee that children are entertained while promoting the learning of STEM education skills, strategic thinking, mathematical reasoning and creativity.

How do I download the SIMA Robot App?

La App de SIMA la puedes descargar en tu teléfono Android a través de la tienda de aplicaciones

Why is the SIMA Robot App in Beta?

The SIMA app is constantly improving! Virtually every week we make an important update. For this reason we launched it in Beta mode that allows us to receive feedback from our users and evaluate their experience.

Why do you request so many accesses and permissions when installing the SIMA Robot App?

To make SIMA use its "Senses" and understand the world around it, it is necessary to activate different smartphone sensors. To use each of these is you must give explicit permission on the device so SIMA can use:

Your ears - Voice recognition use microphone

Your eyes - The camera and photos for object recognition if activated

GPS to enable the use of Bluetooth and gyroscope

Memory - Archive

How do I install the Smartphone in the robotic body of SIMA Robot?

It is introduced under the helmet gently and as it is pushed up the helmet will yield, just until it fits and you can finish entering

How do I connect the Smartphone to the robotic body of SIMA Robot?

You must look for the Bluetooth connection in the options, once inside you must look for the body of the robot and match it. Usually the address on HC-06 or SIMA 20XX

What can I ask SIMA Robot?

You can ask things like:

¿What is your name?

¿What can you do?

Tell me a story

Tell me a joke

Why does SIMA Robot not understand what I say?

SIMA only listens for 5 seconds so it may not be possible to hear what you said completely. You will see if he really understands what you say by checking at the top of the screen where the text of what he understood appears.

You can access SIMA Professor / SIMA Teach to customize the questions and answers

Puedes acceder a SIMA Profesor / SIMA Teach para personalizar las preguntas y respuestas

Can I make Sima dance and how is it done?

Of course! SIMA will dance if you him.

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